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David Geeslin DVM
1001 N Fisk Ave Brownwood TX 76801 USA

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Doctors on Staff:


David Geeslin, DVM | Gayland Gowdy, DVM


Small Animal Medical Center Services

Our Services:
  • Vaccinations - We offer rabies vaccinations for both dogs and cats, DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, and parainfluenza) for dogs, Feline FVRC, and rattlesnake vaccination for dogs.
  • Surgery - We offer a variety of surgeries for your pet. Contact us for details.
  • Dental Care - From ultrasonic scaling and extractions to dental surgery, we make sure your pet is in good health.
  • Heartworm Prevention - Monthly preventatives are given using 1 of 6 different products, including Interceptor™, Advantage Multi®, Tri Heart®, Sentinel® , and Heartgard®.
  • Laboratory Services - Our on-site lab is able to handle extensive blood work and X-rays using specialized machines.
  • Laser Therapy - If your dog has a back problem or needs surgery, we use laser therapy to promote healing after joint injuries.
  • Tick & Flea Products - It is important you address flea problems right away. We offer an extensive selection of pills and topical products.
  • Foods - Your pet should eat only quality meals, which is why we offer Science Diet®, Royal Canin Food®, and specialty foods for allergies, heart problems, and kidney issues.
  • Grooming - Bring your pet by for a bath, nail trim, and grooming as needed according to your pet's breed.